Our Greenhouse

Despite the changes that the Covid-19 epidemic has brought. We are continuing to offer a full line of annuals and perennials. We have expanded our line of perennials this year.


Bedding plants include annual flowers, starter vegetables and herbs. Our selection of hanging baskets and containers ranges from sun to shade loving and features many of the most popular plant selections seen today.

2 thoughts on “Our Greenhouse

  1. I would like to know if and when you would be doing petunias hanging baskets I would be interested in maybe 3 hanging baskets plus 4 4inch pots of petunias.

  2. Hi Cheryl – I think you have reached out to our FB page but just in case you did not. Yes we can do all that. Though I thought I tagged a basket or two with your name the other day. Kris manages the FB page and usually responds more quickly than I can right now – greenhouse time keeps me away from a computer. Thanks Lisa

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