Farm Fresh Food

We raise a variety of produce and animals here on the farm. We have had our own beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs for many years. A variety of produce is grown throughout the season. We offer all for sale a various times of the year.

EGGS – We have farm fresh eggs throughout the year from our free range chickens (laying brown eggs). We offer pick up here at the farm and as well we deliver in the Riverview area.

BEEF- Our Galloway Beef has been raised on grass only, no grain. We offer our beef for sale in the fall by the side or quarter. As well we generally have hamburger for sale throughout the year.

PORK- Every year we raise 12 Berkshire Pigs and sell 10 of the animals by the side in the fall. Berkshire Pork is superior in  taste, compared to many other breeds.

TURKEY AND CHICKEN – We have approximately 50 turkeys for sale each year for the Christmas season and have meat-king chicken available earlier in the year as well. We currently have a few meat king chickens still available.