Commercial Services

Keeping your flower beds healthy and beautiful all season is an important aspect of maintaining the curb appeal of your business. Our commercial grounds maintenance staff here at the farm supply timely and professional services throughout the season, ensuring a great first impression for your clients. Farmer Brown’s understands the importance of maintaining an appealing business exterior and works closely with each client to understand the unique requirements of your property.

Garden Maintenance Service

Your plants and weeds will continue to grow after the initial cleanup. Thankfully, this will take considerably less time now that all of your plants, shrubs, and hedges have been cut or trimmed during the initial cleanup. We will focus on removing any new weeds, turning over the soil to allow more air and nutrients to reach the plants, and raking or blowing off any dead or decaying waste that has fallen onto the soil. We’ll work with you to develop a gardening schedule that matches your needs, whether it’s weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or any other time frame. Regular upkeep can save you money in the long run by reducing the cost of larger cleanups and keeping your garden looking lovely all year.

We can work with you on your design ideas, with your landscape designer or you can take advantage of our knowledgeable planting staff to do the designing for you. Contact us for quotes

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