Custom Planting

We will be continuing our custom container planting work this 2020 season. We will be providing a container pick up service at your home if desired or you can still bring them to us as you have done in the past. All containers that come to us will be disinfected before they are planted. We know choosing plants may become more of  a virtual store experience but we are going to do our best to provide you with as much input as possible on your container design.


We have been planting containers and baskets for our clients for the past 17 years.

Customers drop their containers off in late April/early May and we plant and care for them, and have them ready for pick up in early June.

For many of our customers, we also do custom container work on location at their homes and businesses.

Contact us for more information.

One thought on “Custom Planting

  1. I have a perennial flower bed that I want to fill with annuals for July first when the June perennial bloom is over season. I am looking for a grower that will grow to a good transplantable size 100 candy man orange calendula plants and fifty petunia shock wave denim blue plants plants ready to transplant into the bed July first. I would probably C.C. up the plants around July first. This is the time that of the local nurseries are sold out of annuals and shut down for the season. I know that Veseys seeds sell the petunia shock wave blue denim (7.50$ per package, 10 seeds per package) and the candy man orange calendula seeds( $3.50 per package, 120 seeds per package).is this a service you could provide and if so what would the cost be? Could you get back to me as quickltnas possible. Thanks

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